8. BON JOVI Litter

Proud parents: Bitzer and Jamie
♂ L. Story of Love
♂ L. Real Love
♀ L. Woman in Love
♀ L. Bed of Roses
Northworth Veiled Crush
FI29675/18 Red
C.I.E FI V-18 FI V-19 He W-19 RigaW-18 Honeywater's Catch of the Day SE36243/2015 Red C.I.E. NORD UCH VDH CH WW-14 Ozzie Black Petrs CLP/AC/34055 Black & Tan HU CH SI CH SK CH Claramand High Flyer KCAH00129501 Red
CZ JCH Chance on Changes Black Petrs
CLP/AC/32904/08 Black
SE U(U)CH Manaca's Makes People Talk
SE23286/2013 Red
NO UCH SE U(U)CH SE VCH SE VV-14 Manaca's Gets Ideas Going S46037/2006 Red
SE VCH Manaca's Hey Hey Helen
S19030/2009 Red
Northworth Wate No Cry
FI42335/14 Red
AR CH C.I.E. SE U(U)CH UY CH NORD V-09 Corralet Indian-Savage
LOE1372332 Red
ES CH GB SHCH HU CH INT UCH Quettadene Keeping Faith
KCSB4318CF Black
Corralet Winther-In-Love
LOE1153983 Red
Northworth Unseen Cry
FIN58037/08 Red
Northworth Talk In Waves
FIN30276/02 Red
Northworth Madam's Match
FIN17661/01 Red
Linqua's Sail Away SE14006/2017 Black SE U(U)CH Northworth Timberman FI31760/14 Black FI UCH Flyers Zim Bean
FIN33797/05 Red
NORD V-99 Flyers You Know
FIN13276/96 Red
Flyers Baby Doll
FIN42443/01 Red
Northworth New Target
FIN17957/08 Black
Northworth Talk In Waves
FIN30276/02 Red
CY CH Northworth Precious Hit
FIN37404/01 Black
Linqua's Show 'Em SE19324/2015 Red Abbadon's Fergus
VDH/CSZB056C10 Red
DE CH Abbadon's Cephalus
VDHCSZB118/C06 Red
Cara's Bronze Beryll
SPZB 1095/02 Red
Fancy Paws That's My Angel
SE26294/2012 Black
SE U(U)CH Winline's Win My Hero
S42564/2009 Black
Line Sam Just Like Honey
SE57944/2010 Red